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What is the size and weight of the Trigger Trainer?
Length 5 inches Width 4.5 inches, Thickness of Handle 1.5 inches, Total Weight 1.25 pounds
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Why isn’t the trigger on the Trigger Trainer designed like the trigger on my gun?
The Trigger on the Trigger Trainer is designed so that the user can concentrate on squeezing the trigger straight to the rear.
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Does the device make a clicking noise when I pull the trigger?
No.  The Trigger Trainer was designed without a clicking noise so that the user can concentrate solely on trigger control and not the anticipation of a click.
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What is the Return Policy?
We offer a 30 day guarantee.  If you don’t experience an increase in your trigger control after 30 days of routine practice with the Trigger Trainer, we will gladly offer you a refund.
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How do I make a bulk purchase for my agency/training class?
Please email us at or call 708-462-2804
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