**All new Trigger Trainer orders include a Free Accessory Kit! 

The Trigger Trainer is designed to allow the user to adjust the weight of the trigger pull by simply changing the Spring-Cap Assembly.

The Trigger Trainer comes preloaded with a medium pressure Spring-Cap Assembly (Blue) representing a 6lb Trigger pull. For those shooters who prefer to practice with a lighter or heavier trigger pull, we suggest you purchase our Spring-Cap Assembly Accessory package that includes: 

1. Light Trigger Pull (TAN CAP) – 3lb Trigger Pull

2. Heavy Trigger Pull (RED CAP) – 9lb Trigger Pull  

***The third Spring-Cap Assembly is Preloaded in the Trigger Trainer and is not included in the Spring-Cap Assembly Accessory Package.***
 Price: Free with Purchase of Trigger Trainer 
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