About Us

Trigger Control is the Foundation
of Marksmanship...
Full-Scale Tactics Inc. was formed to promote the fundamental skills of marksmanship and to provide an enhanced firearm training experience by developing and selling unique training devices for the firearm industry.
The company’s flagship product, The Trigger Trainer, was invented by a Federal Law Enforcement Officer who has over 12 years of firearms experience and certification as a NRA pistol instructor.  While attending several different federal law enforcement training academies, the inventor noticed that both beginner and experienced shooters failed to maintain smooth trigger control, often “Jerking” the trigger.   Thus the Trigger Trainer was born.  The Trigger Trainer isolates and trains the trigger finger, enhancing the muscle memory and finger dexterity that are essential to smooth trigger control.  The Trigger Trainer’s non-threating design makes this training tool safe to practice with anytime and anywhere.