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Trigger Control
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Learn to STOP Jerking the Trigger immediately!!
The Trigger Trainer is a unique, compact and non-threatening training device. It is designed to immediately enhance firearm proficiency and speed by exclusively isolating and training the index finger for the development of smooth trigger control. Continuous and repetitious practice with the Trigger Trainer helps the shooter build the required finger dexterity and muscle memory that is essential to marksmanship. The Trigger Trainer develops smooth trigger control; subsequently it becomes a subconscious skill, guaranteeing that the user will quickly improve accuracy and speed.

 **All new Trigger Trainer orders include a Free Heavy Spring Cap-Assembly! 
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“The Trigger Trainer is great!!! Thanks for your invention!”
– Portugal Inspector

“I really love the product. I showed it around to everyone.”
– Las Vegas Police Officer

“ Wow, wow, wow!!! Is all I can say! What a remarkable product! This is the best thing.....well there is nothing like this! Revolutionary to say the least! I believe this to be a great tool, to be used in conjunction with dry fire and range practice. This tool will allow shooters not only to master a smooth trigger press and not to anticipate the trigger break. But, will allow shooters to build specific neuron-muscle-tendon strength for the trigger press! I am so pleased and so sorry that this was not my idea!”
– Firearms Instructor, United States Department of Justice

“Improve your grip strength and trigger control and you will improve your shooting. Now both can be addressed with one device. Trigger Trainer is a unique training aid, designed to replicate the weight and feel of a handgun while providing the user with trigger pull repetitions needed to increase strength and dexterity. Perhaps the best aspect of the Trigger Trainer is that it offers a perfectly safe and non-threatening training option for use just about anywhere. No shooting range is required. Keep one at your desk and perform a few repetitions while on the phone. Practice safely while watching television.”
– Kevin Michalowski, Senior Editor,
Gun Digest The Magazine

“Thank you for a great product. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to help my wife get into shooting, and teach her isolated trigger control. She’s done good, but your product has not only made it much easier, it’s helped me as well.”
– S. Wilkos

"After using the Trigger Trainer for a week my shooting scores increased by 15 points."
-Adam (Special Agent)

"The Trigger Trainer allows me to practice my trigger control anytime, without spending time and money at the range." 
-Dale (Law Enforcement Officer)x

"I encourage all my students to use to the Trigger Trainer to develop the fundamental skill of trigger control..." 
- Derrick (NRA Basic Pistol Instructor)

"The Trigger Trainer helped increase my trigger speed on the paintball field."
(Paintball Player)

"One shot, one trigger pull….The Trigger Trainer….I Love it!!!!"
-Lisa (Top Gun/Firearm Aficionado)

Trigger Control is one of the fundamental skills that all gun owners should learn and continue to practice. Once you implement the Trigger Trainer into your training routine you will definitely notice a profound difference in your shooting ability.
 We Apologize to our Customers for the delay.

Trigger Trainers are back in STOCK!!!


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