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Learn to STOP Jerking the Trigger


The Trigger Trainer is a unique, compact and non-threatening training device. It is designed to immediately

enhance firearm proficiency and speed by exclusively isolating and training the index finger for

the development of smooth trigger control. Continuous and repetitious practice with the Trigger Trainer

helps the shooter build the required finger dexterity and muscle memory that is essential to marksmanship.

The Trigger Trainer develops smooth trigger control; subsequently it becomes a subconscious skill,

guaranteeing that the user will quickly improve accuracy and speed.

**All new Trigger Trainer orders include a Free Heavy Spring Cap-Assembly! 

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"My daughter took the "PT" TEST for the NYPD and passed every obstacle except the last, the trigger pull. I believe it was something like 16 trigger pulls with the dominant hand and about 15 with the other. I immediately bought this and the accessory kit to change the resistance. After 2 weeks training with this about 15 mins, a night while watching T.V. she took the test again, (You get 2 Chances), and she easily passed. The NYPD instructor didn't even know about this item. When he asked her what she did to gain strength in such a short time? She told him I purchased something online to help her. He immediately wanted to know more."

~E. Acevedo

"Failed my first attempt to pass a 13lb trigger pull to get into a civil service job. When I first received this trainer I could barely even pull the blue setting I gradually worked my way up to the red and in only a month re took my exam and passed with flying colors. Worth the $45 BUY IT"

~Amazon Customer

"It doesn't look like much but is very useful in strengthening the trigger finger; better then the general finger-strengtheners. Mine came with rough edges on the beaver-tail which if left as is will scrap the skin off your hand. Light sanding will take care of that. Hand fit is similar to a double-stack Glock pistol. The 3 springs ranges from below 6 lbs, 6-9 lbs, and 10-12 lbs; estimated because the literature does not indicate it. I am using it to strengthen my trigger fingers for a law enforcement agility exam. Though I shoot frequently, the examination uses a "decommissioned" pistol with a trigger pull which is long and heavy - estimated to be 12-15 lbs."

~W. Moy

"Ok, wasn't sure that this would actually improve performance, but after a little over two weeks I feel the difference. When I'm not at the range, I try and practice with a blowback at least four times a week, and I started using the trigger trainer once a day Monday through Friday with 4 sets of 20 rotating hands from strong hand to week hand. I have to re-qual every six months on the job and I think I shoot well but get tired toward the end. So I thought anything I can do when I'm not at the range would be a good thing. The target is from about eight or nine feet away, 32 rounds, rotating from strong hand to weak hand."


"Awesome if you want to increase the strength for you index finger for shooting ! I was having issues and after using this for 3 weeks I got strength ! Highly recommended !"


"Most shooters soon find out that trigger control is a major factor in accurate shooting. The trigger trainer isolates the trigger finger and really helps build strength and control. Having used other devices that build hand strength, which I also recommend, the Trigger Trainer allows you to focus on a two hand grip and work the trigger like a real hand gun. You can also practice gripping with the opposite hand as well as single hand grips.
I have been using this for quite awhile and can positively say there's a visible improvement in my shooting."


Trigger Control is one of the fundamental skills that all gun owners should learn and continue to practice. Once you implement the Trigger Trainer into your training routine you will definitely notice a profound difference in your shooting ability.

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